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Trees are often the parts of nature that bring a sense of calmness and serenity to our homes, however, to keep such luscious monuments in our gardens, we need to be weary of how best to care for them in our tree trimming service in my areaAnaheim homes. If you want your trees to be taken care of in the best way possible and live a long and healthy life, read on. Here are some tips on how to take care of your trees in Anaheim, California:

Firstly, it is important to note that your trees should have care on a constant basis, with a professional coming to evaluate them every so often. Tree care professionals will be able to readily assess your trees and give them the proper care that they deserve.

Common tree pruning mistakes

If your home has trees that need to be pruned on a regular basis, it is important to know when and how to do so. As per the above, it is best to prune your trees in Anaheim, California in the winter season. It is also important to note that the process of tree topping can be very harmful to your trees. There are some people out there that believe tree topping is best practice, but it really is not.

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Tree topping, tipping, heading or rounding overall mean that you will be cutting off the branches or trunks without careful consideration, leaving stubs on the tree where branches once grew. This seriously stresses the tree and puts it at risk for pests and diseases which ultimately shortens its lifespan. We all know that healthy trees are beneficial, however, when a tree is topped it can quickly become a liability. Branches that are weakened are more likely to cause damage and fall in your property.

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To be one hundred percent sure, it is best to consult a tree care expert to ensure that your trees are protected and dealt with in the best possible way in terms of pruning.

Reasons, why you should have a tree stump removed

When a tree removal specialist comes into your home to remove a tree, you will need to decide whether to have the stump removed as well. The following factors are important to consider before making the call:

  • Stumps are not aesthetically pleasing, so if you are meticulous about the look of your garden, you may want to have the stump removed.
  • Stumps can be hazardous especially if you have children in your home. When they are running around the yard playing, they can easily trip over the stump and get hurt. Remember, if someone like your neighbor trips over a stump, the liability becomes yours. Tree stumps are also a hazard when mowing your lawn, where your lawn mower can get damaged easily.
  • Stumps can new tree growth from new sprouts on the actual stump. This can result in a range of many smaller trees growing around the stump. This can be costly to remove and damage the look of your garden at the same time.
  • Remaining tree stumps can become an obstacle that you have to maneuver around when mowing the lawn or weeding.
  • Stumps tend to attract insects which live on the decay of the stump. Pests like beetles, ants and termites which can spread to inside your home.
  • Stumps can take up a decent amount of your yard where you can have a flowerbed or picnic table in the very same spot.

How to have stumps removed

There are many ways of having stumps removed and it is always best to try to have them removed by a tree removal specialist in your Anaheim home.

Anaheim tree trimming tips

  • Chemical stump removal

These products do not magically remove tree stumps but they do aid at the start of acceleration in decomposition. It is still important to note that if you do use this method, you will have to wait a decent amount of time before seeing results.

  • Burning

This is a popular and age-old method of getting rid of stumps. However, you should note that this method can often end up with charcoal materials after burning the stump which is difficult to decompose or remove once complete.

  • Natural

Sometimes the best way to get rid of a tree stump is to do it the natural way and let it decompose on its own. There are chemicals to assist speed up the process and having the area kept damp will helps with this.

  • Grubbing

This refers to actually, manually digging out the stump. It is important to remember to dig a trench one or two feet around the circumference of the stump and a few feet deep. This will allow you to get to the bottom of the stump and roots, eventually lifting the stump out the ground. This can be rather grueling work, so it may be a better idea to get a tree removal specialist to do this for you.

  • Stump grinders

This is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of stumps. It involves instant removal by using a stump grinder – a large piece of equipment that is designed to grind the stump down to below the surface of the ground. They can be rented but you also have the option of getting a professional to come in and do this for you, especially with it being tricky equipment to work with.

If you would like stumps removed from your property, it is best to take into account that the only effective methods of such stump removal are hard work, patience and a good service provider to help you along the way. Be sure to contact a professional before buying or making the first move – it is essential to ensure only the best is done for your garden.Anaheim tree pruning prices

Here are a few other tips you should also consider doing to ensure your trees stay healthy and thrive

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Ensure that your trees receive a lot of water, but not too much

As we know it, water is key to ensuring that trees stay as healthy as possible, and in the younger parts of their life, they will need more water to ensure maximum growth and health. Tree professionals will be able to assist with assessing how much water your trees require, as overwatering can become an issue and common mistake which can harm the tree rather quickly. Professionals may recommend watering habits such as turning your hose on at the base of a tree on a weekly basis, helping the soil keep moist from the ground all the way down to the roots which will enable root growth and establishment.

Identify and consider trees that are native to your specific environment

If your home is in a place that is prone to drought, your trees are bound to fare better if they do not need huge amounts of water. Often in drought seasons, watering trees is taken as a “wastage” of water. To the other end of the stick, if you live in a place where it is always raining, you should plant trees that do well in wet conditions, especially if rain is constant.

Protect the soil with mulch

Mulch is best used as a layer laid down on the soil to help the roots stay as moist as possible. This layer will not only assist with moisture but also with keeping weeds away as well as protecting the soil from extremity in temperatures. It is a good idea to try and remove all weeds from around your trees within a minimum of a three-foot area. It is imperative to remember not to over mulch – mulch is good for the soil around the tree but it should not actually be in contact with the tree trunk as it can bring upon insects and prompt easier decay. Mulch should be checked on an annual basis and added if and when necessary. It would be best to consult a professional prior to adding more mulch to your soil.

Pruning is not for every season

Pruning is best done during winter or the end of winter, ensuring that trees are properly pruned before the spring budding season begins. Some owners want their trees to have a high burst of growth in spring, and in order to aid this, you should trim your trees at the end of winter whilst they are still dormant. You can also have them pruned again once the flowers fade. Basic removal of dead branches can be done at any time of the year but pruning should not be done in the fall, due to the high tendency of decay fungi spreading easily during this time.

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Do not over prune your trees

Sometimes, trees look rather full and heavy with over-weighted limbs, which is when people have the urge to prune them down to a large extent. Pruning should only take off twenty-five percent for a healthy trim of a tree. Try your best to avoid very large cuts unless it is absolutely necessary.

Check for hazardous trees on an annual basis with your tree professional

Try to check your trees on an annual basis as it is important to spot hazards that are easy to miss such as signs of decay, cracks in the tree trunk, wounds, and dead branches. These hazards should be checked seasonally as well, especially after a large storm.

Beware of pests and disease

A true professional will be able to assess your trees for any hazardous pests or diseases, which can lead you needing to remove the tree permanently if it cannot recover.

Tree care benefits in the winter season

Winter is one of the best seasons to trim trees, it is a beautiful time to be outdoors as well as take care of trees when there aren’t sweltering temperatures to be out in. Below is a list of some of the benefits of caring for trees in winter:

  • It is much less stressful having your trees trimmed during cooler months, with no worry about sunburn and excessive amounts of leaves around you when you busy pruning.
  • The aesthetic benefits will last a longer period of time. Trees that are pruned during winter will generally hold their pruned shape due to their growth rate being slower as well as the fact that they become dormant in the winter months.
  • Take advantage of lower prices on tree care from professionals in the winter months. Generally, the demand for tree care professionals are lowered in winter, so it is best to have an assessment and work done in this season. This also means that turnaround time is shorter than usual.
  • Trees such as pine trees tend to ooze a lower amount of sap in winter, reducing mess.

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